Welcome Statement

Hello denizens of the world (more like welcome Dr. Colvin and a few strangers from the interwebs). This is the one and only blog of Joshua Yuriv Pilipovsky. A little bit about myself before we begin: I’m of Russian heritage but was born and lived in Brooklyn, NY my whole life. I’ve always really liked physics ever since I began high school and have just stuck with it. There are so many fascinating things about this world, from how we can precisely measure the shift of Mercury from Einstein’s general relativity to the weird behavior of quantum particles, and all this can be explained with physics.

Throughout the course of events of English class and who knows what in the future, I will cover my opinions on many different topics in science and in nature. Some of which include controversial topics like fracking, global warming, or even the beginning of the universe (exciting). Not only do I want to make these posts informative, I also want to make them entertaining! Many people give a bad name to science, how they can’t understand it, but honestly, they don’t even want to, or just don’t put the effort. There is a famous quote by Einstein that says, “You should make physics easy, but not any easier.” This has always been a part of me, because I truly believe that people can learn anything, given a good teacher (I even wanted to be a teacher some time ago), but more on that later.

So there you have it; get ready for a lot of writing and sometimes me raging about things I feel very strongly about (it won’t be that bad don’t worry…more like a drunken Stephen King writing a horror story). Get ready for lots of feedback on the readings I am doing and in general my reflections on them and the topic as a whole. And lastly, get ready to have fun! Stay tuned–


Joshua Pilipovsky